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Motivation & Personality Typing

Posted by admin at 4:30 PM on Dec 4, 2020


People often think that others are motivated by the same things they are. The fact is, individual motivations vary and those in leadership roles benefit from understanding what their employees value in their jobs. Everything from project performance to retention can be improved by identifying the different personality types you work with and what each type is motivated by (beyond the paycheck). There are numerous typology tests a company can use but they vary greatly. Do your research before you pick one and team up with an expert who can guide you through the process. If you get it right, a mix of types can compliment each other and broaden the abilities of a team. Every personality type has strengths/weaknesses and motivations/demotivations. If you’re aware of a person’s natural strengths you can better place them in successful situations and when you know what a person is motivated by, you can inspire them to perform beyond expectation and feel good about what they’re doing. Pushing agendas without this understanding can cause unnecessary tensions and myriad other performance issues. Feedback and learning how people are uniquely motivated, improves your chance of sustaining success in all areas of your business (leadership, sales, teams, etc.)