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Company Off-Sites

When Off-Sites are done right they're a valuable tool for optimizing your team’s performance. The daily grind makes it increasingly difficult to break from routine and identify necessary changes to make improvements in your business. We tailor our Off-Sites by identifying what you’re interested in accomplishing and then we create a custom experience, so you leave our Off-Sites with purpose and a much better understanding of the needs of your teams. Pick a destination and we’ll meet you on location with a fully tailored set of enjoyable presentations and activities that make the biggest impact for your company.


Typology Assessments

Typology assessments can be highly useful for improving you and your team’s communication in the workplace but they vary greatly. Before you choose a typology test for your team, consult with us in order to pick the best one for your company and learn how to incorporate it in the most valuable way. If used correctly you will build more diverse teams that can accomplish more together and better navigate communication pitfalls before those pinches turn into problems.


Team Building and Performance Coaching​​​​​​​ 

Communication breakdown starts ripple effects throughout
a company. The short-term effect is wasted time in repeated iterations, late or missed deadlines and breakdown of team morale and confidence. These inefficiencies can result in employee burnout and turnover or losing a competitive edge in an industry. 
 The financial cost of finding new employees and training them
is high but the ultimate effect it has on the bottom line can be much higher.  

We have solutions for building emotional intelligence and more efficient work practices to either improve these complications or help prevent them from spreading in your business.


Corporate Feedback, Review and Reporting

Understanding yourself and those you work with are crucial
to building better work relationships and making more informed decisions. Each company has different needs and cultures, thus necessitating a customized and carefully proctored approach.

With the information you gain you will be able to:
  • Accurately identify current strengths and where development
    is needed

  • Better anticipate performance and retention within
    your company

  • Clarify your true values and performance metrics


Executive Leadership Coaching

Branching out into greater roles of responsibility and income requires greater skill and awareness to effectively lead those
who will be depending on you.  Together we will develop new perspective on the leadership, organization and communication you need to be successful.  You will learn what your most natural leadership style is and what it takes to build a highly motivated team.

Transition & Succession Coaching

Whether you're moving to a new position within a company or you need to develop a successor, proper planning and organization is critical to have a seamless transition.  Avoid interruptions in business flow and use the opportunity before you to uplift your corporate culture. Communication techniques, strategic planning and weekly achievable goals will pave the way for adapting to the changes ahead.

Team Performance & Cohesion Coaching

In order to stay competitive in today's business environment corporations need to ensure their teams are synergistic to maximize creativity, efficiency and organization. Team centered coaching brings individuals together, uniting them into a cohesive unit that balances workloads and accomplishes more in shorter periods
of time.


EFC provides a wide range of businesses from fashion to finance and C-Suite executives with a toolkit to overcome the challenges of a dynamic work environment, including the following:

  • Executive Leadership Coaching

  • Transition and Succession Coaching 

  • Team Performance and Cohesion Coaching 

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Mission Vision Strategy

  • Work/Life Balancing

  • Communication Optimization

  • Personal Coaching

  • Effective Goal Setting and Time Management

Executive coaching can be sponsored through your company or paid for privately after a complimentary scheduled discussion framing the objectives and detailed review of our process.



“Think of the word coach. You likely think of a sport context -- an athlete and a coach. Think of all those accomplishments that a coach helps an athlete achieve. Now apply that framework to your business, professional, and personal life. We are all athletes in those environments. Erik is your coach in all those facets of your life. If you want to achieve the most, if you want to be the best version of yourself, if you want to break the repeating patterns that prevent you from achieving your goals, then work with Erik. We all have lofty goals. That’s not the hard part. The separation from thinking those goals versus achieving those goals is what you do – each and every day, every minute. Erik allows you to see that, create a success model, creates a goal to process alignment, and sets in motion continuous success.”

-Alex, Private Investor

"I will attempt to properly convey the thoughts and remarkable success that Erik has created with me. I am a lifetime athlete who has spent the better part of the last twenty+ years working ninety hours per week under high stress. 

Erik has enabled me to transform all aspects of my life. He has guided me to both physical and mental strength. He has a deep and tremendous commitment to me successfully reaching my goals. Erik is a passionate motivator and is more educated and knowledgeable than anyone I have ever encountered. Erik is constantly fed by his voracious appetite for more knowledge and skill to help his client(s). 

If asked, I would advise everyone to do themselves a favor: make a deep and unyielding commitment to yourself and those who love and depend upon you: invest in your primary and limited resource, yourself. Call Erik and commit to a journey that you will never ever regret. 

Erik is a great man and he will be my guide and friend forever. I am privileged to have him as a part of my life."

-Dave M.,
CEO/Business Owner